Mark 5:34  He said, Your Faith has made you well. Go in Peace, you have been healed. 

Women’s Team:

Rector – Beverly Hatt
Spiritual Director – Anne Quick
Spiritual Director – Elizabeth December-Lovell
Professor – Wendy FitzPatrick
Detail – Colleen Mayo-Pankhurst
Detail – Sandra Clark
Palanca – Janet Sturrock
Palanca – Donna Shore
Musica – Shelly Yerburgh
Musica – Lorraine Howard
Ideal – Lona Beck
Piety – Marg Hyland
Laity – Karen Daley
Study  – Gillian Mattock
Action – Patricia Rogers
Leaders – Heather Stronach
Environments – Shelly Yerburgh
C.C.I.A  – Jen Frigon
Kitchen Coordinator – Marni Crossley
Kitchen Detail -Nanci Askwith, Babs Dunstan, Grace Wilson, Sharon Fleming

Sponsors:  Drop-off is Friday, November 9th at 12:00 pm.  No later than 12:30 pm.

Cursillistas & Sponsors:  Please arrive before 3pm for the invasion/closing ceremony.

(Last minute candidate?  Here is the registration form )