33 years and counting

The Ottawa Anglican Cursillo Movement began in the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa in 1981 with significant help from the existing Roman Catholic Cursillo Movement. Since then, more than 117 weekends have been held, attended by more than 2,500 men and women from across the Diocese and beyond. The OACM functions as part of the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa and operates under the direct authority of the Bishop of Ottawa, The Right Reverend Shane Alexander Donaldson Parker.

The Ottawa Cursillo Movement is an ecumenical organization which welcomes members from other Christian faith organizations other than Anglican. We have member that worship in the United Church, the Lutheran Church and several other Christian Denominations.

Management and Governance

The administrative responsibilities of the movement are carried out by the OACM Secretariat, a committee of lay people and clergy. A network of parish representatives carries out the work of the Movement locally, and events are organized by groups of committed volunteers. The Movement is governed by its Constitution and By-laws, and major decisions are confirmed by the community at our Annual General Meeting.

Regular Activities

rooster The Cursillo Movement has no secrets. Our gatherings and events are open to anyone who is interested in attending.

Several Ultreyas take place on a regular basis around the diocese which allow members of the community to worship, pray and connect in small groups in a faith based environment. Self directed Group Reunions take place on a regular basis around the geographic area of the diocese. If you are interested in coming to an event please contact us. Members of our community will be happy to welcome you with no pressure, just a friendly smile.

Communication with the Community

The OACM  uses the following methods to keep in touch with members of our community and anyone who is interested:

  • Internet and social media (facebook, twitter)
  • the e-Rainbow publishes approximately 4 times per year according to the seasons of the church calendar.
  • Special Announcements – to communicate specific news relevant to the community
  • Parish Representatives– members of the movement who connect directly to those in their parishes
  • Posters & Pew Bulletins sent directly to Parishes through the diocesan “Community News”
  • Crosstalk – periodic articles and advertising
  • Diocesan Synod – Display table and information, PowerPoint slides and table posters in the Plenary Hall.

If you would like more information on our movement or the Cursillo Movement please contact our Lay Director, our Assistant Lay Director or a member of our movement directly.