Cursillo is a Spanish word that means “short course” and is pronounced “kur-SEE-yo.” The movement began in the Roman Catholic church in Spain during the late 1940s with the intention of building faith and renewing the Church. It has since grown into a worldwide movement which has taken root within a number of denominations. Cursillo seeks to foster, develop and sustain Christian leaders and to encourage apostleship. The movement tries to provide participants with tools to live the Christian life more fully, with a resulting impact on the world.

Following a three-day, live-in weekend that includes a series of talks, discussion, worship and fellowship, the Cursillo Movement stresses ongoing spiritual development through gathering with the wider community, meeting in small groups and engaging in spiritual direction.

This year, the weekends will be held on the following dates:

123rd Women’s Anglican Cursillo Weekend: October 27-30, 2016
124th Men’s Anglican Cursillo Weekend: November 24-27, 2016